About Us

Launching online in spring 2016, The Miami Student Magazine is a supplement to The Miami Student newspaper that is committed to showcasing the best creative nonfiction and features journalism Miami University has to offer. The Miami Student Magazine will engage the students of Miami University and the surrounding community members with innovative, fresh and engaging content that tells Miami’s stories from a new perspective.

We believe in the power of a true story, especially one that is artfully told. The Miami Student Magazine will provide its readers with high-quality and in-depth writing on news, sports and culture surrounding daily life at Miami. It will also allow The Miami Student to better showcase the photographs, photo illustrations and graphics of its talented staff, and provide space for long-form features and fun installments that wouldn’t have a place in a standard newspaper.

The Miami Student Magazine will strive to have a stronger multimedia presence than any student publication at Miami has ever had before, telling stories with strong visuals such as photos, graphics, video and audio clips and more. We hope we will provide a creative venue for true, non-fiction storytelling that will complement the shorter, hard news content that our newspaper branch produces.

The Miami Student Magazine is the next step in widening the reach of The Miami Student and connecting with the students and community we serve. We encourage all to get involved as we work to build our presence in the university community.

Happy reading!


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